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In today's volatile business environment, a company must be resilient.For managers, responsibility is not a choice - it is an obligation.

They must therefore also invest specifically in the development of security processes to minimise risks in order to form a stronger, more efficient company. The reduceo team can help you achieve this goal by delivering immediate results and helping you establish the right organizational structure, processes and tools for your business.

Together we ensure that you reduce your risks step by step. To help you do this, we conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify the security building blocks that your company will need to develop in the future. After the evaluation we help you to create a roadmap with milestones. The challenge then begins to anchor the defined security modules company-wide. And we will also accompany you during this process.

We have identified this as the most effective way to build a resilient safety management system.


Understanding business,
setting risks realistically,
installing prevention processes


Development of a Business Risk Management System

Data Protection

Establishment of a legally compliant data protection management system in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and taking over the function of an external data protection officer


Information Security & Compliance

Development and implementation of an information security management system according to the IT security law, the BSI Grundschutz and the ISO 27001 ff. and the position of external information security officer


Development,­implementation and­control of legally compliant processes


Crisis and emergency management

Review, development, implementation and training of emergency and crisis management processes

* Focus of activities on securing critical infrastructures
Anchor Data Protection

For decades, the issue of data protection was regarded as a "necessary evil" in many companies, and accordingly only little attention was paid to it. But times have changed.

At the latest since the entry into force of the GDPR all entrepreneurs have been aware of the enormous risks that can arise for them and their company if the subject of data protection is not taken seriously. However, compliance with the complex data protection legal framework conditions should not only be the focus of the company with regard to impending fines, but also against the background of the requirements that arise for the company from the multitude of its relationships with others.

A not legally compliant handling of personal data can not only cause quite considerable image damage, rather data protection is today also one of the most important compliance requirements that companies set up in business dealings with each other. We help you to get the subject of data protection under control in a legally secure way so that you can concentrate again on the areas on which the success of your company is based!

Strengthening Information Security & Compliance

Information security is essential in today's digital world. Based on a risk analysis, we work with you to develop a tailor-made ISMS.

Here we build on the ISO standards 27001 ff and the BSI basic protection.

On request we also provide the external CISO.

Are you critical infrastructure?

Our specialists advise you on all requirements of the IT security law and accompany you through to certification.

For SMEs we offer a complete digital solution.

Establishing Crises & Emergency Management

In addition to information security, crisis and emergency management are part of an integrated corporate strategy to minimise liability and risk.

Shopping centres, railway stations, events, open-air events and critical infrastructures are soft targets of potential attacks.

A functioning crisis and emergency management system, taking BCM into account, helps to prepare for all eventualities preventively and to be able to react quickly in an emergency.

From individual risk analysis to crisis management exercises, we accompany you during implementation.

Special Critical Infrastructure Protection

Industrial security is based on several lines of defence and a holistic approach.

Protecting critical infrastructure from hostile action requires continuous monitoring to allow sufficient time for resource response.

Command and control involves decision-making, the exercise of command by a duly designated commander through assigned and associated staff units in the performance of a mission and is supported by information technology (the computer and communications part of C4I). By implementing C4I, information dominance is achieved with the aim of making better and faster decisions. Likewise, future target states can be continuously determined preventively, but with some uncertainties, which lead to the implementation of measures.

Special Critical Infrastructure Protection

Of course, command decisions must be implemented. The development and use of the right tools enables the commander to concentrate better on the tasks at hand. Accurate situational awareness allows for quick coordination and effective responses to rapidly changing operational scenarios.

Leveraging in-house development of underlying technologies, products, platforms and systems.

For each identified dissemination target, we will develop a capacity building strategy aimed at the following:

  • Communicating the impact of standards in the work streams of all stakeholders, in which we will articulate the benefits of greater disaster resilience to CBRNe-type events;
  • Articulating the implications of a standardisation road map for security and the ways for stakeholders to prepare for this shift;
  • Developing capabilities to coordinate activities, particularly in C4i and CBRNe, among relevant stakeholders through training, exercising and testing;
  • Raising adaptive capacity towards resilience through a focus on crisis and disaster management, civil protection, CBRNe and C4i capabilities.

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